Security & Surveillance Systems

Secure your Assets

At Trinvik Ultravisuals, we take security very seriously. When your company has people, products, and information to secure, you cannot afford to cut corners. We provide an extensive suite of access control products designed to make peace of mind more than just a buzzword.

Video Surveillance solutions provide the best security to help reduce crime and protect people and property. These solutions deter revenue loss from stolen merchandise, destruction of valuable information and vandalism. Trinvik Ultravisuals offers integrated and customized advanced Video Surveillance solutions to protect what matters most to our customers.

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Our end-users include commercial, industrial, retail, institutional, governmental, small business and residential customers as well as very large corporates with diverse operations. We are passionately committed to helping our customers achieve their safety and security with our Video Surveillance solutions.

Our Services Providing reliable, one-stop solution for all your IT needs

Chip Level Servicing

Chip Level Repair at various service levels like L1, L2, L3 & L4. Out-of-warranty services for all brands of laptops, IT and AMC support

IT Hardware Solutions

Sales, Service of all brands of Computers, Laptops, Printers, Scanners, accessories and all types of Genuine Softwares

IT Auditing

IT security auditing and certification(ISO 27001/HIPAA/PCI DSS).

Software Solutions

Retail, Supermarket, Apparels, Fast food, Restaurant management system(RMS), ERP, Digital Data Management System(DDMS) and Customized solutions.

Networking & IT Security

Sales, Installation and Maintenance of all networking and IT Security needs like Firewalls, Enterprises Mail Services, SSO, Storage, Backups, VPN, LAN