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Auditing IT Services

Trinvik Ultravisuals Pvt Ltd is an Information Security Services provider engaged in Information Security Consulting and Cyber Security services and solutions across various domains. Our global security consultants have decades of experience advising private clients and corporations across industries that range from BFSI, E-commerce, Manufacturing, Health care and Life Sciences, Automotive and other sectors.

We have a unique advisory method where we constantly engage with you in ensuing we support any of your Information Security needs.

We can help you create a robust security posture with services that include threat assessments, policy review and development and preparing you for certifications such as HIPAA, PCI/DSS and ISO 27001. These services are offered from multiple Centres of Excellence in United States, UAE and India. The services offerings are designed in way that our clients can maximize on the time and cost difference while remaining compliant to regulations.

Through strategic alliances Trinvik Ultravisuals Pvt Ltd offers the best of the next generation Cyber Security solutions and services, protecting organisation’s critical assets and ensuring brand reputation is intact.

Our Expertise: Our leading team of experts come highly qualified to ensure the highest level of quality and policy adherence. We strive to ensure we cover every angle while protecting your internal as well as your customer-centric sensitive data. Our leaders come with industry-leading qualifications such as CISSP, CISA, ISO 27001(LA), CHFI, CEH, CGEIT, ITIL, RHCE and CCNA.

Compliance Consulting

Protect & Secure all your information assets to minimise your business and financial risks.

ISO 27001 Consulting
We facilitate organisations to get ISO 27001 standard by providing professional consulting services.

HIPAA Consulting
HIPAA Compliance is applicable to 3 covered entities (CE). They are healthcare providers who transmit information electronically (eg.physicians/hospitals)

PCI DSS Consulting
PCI DSS is a mandatory compliance requirement for all enterprises that process, store, transmit or access cardholder information for their business purposes.

Posture Analysis

A process that determines to eliminate or tolerate vulnerabilities based upon risk & cost associated with fixing the vulnerability.

A penetration test is an attack on a computer system, network or a web application that has vulnerabilities which an attacker could exploit to their benefits.

Hackers are now attacking through applications, because it is easier to enter through network layer. So web application security is of importance.

Cloud Computing offers significant advantages to organisations, including hardware dependence, reduced costs, high availability & flexibility.

Response Services

Attackers have advanced techniques, lending them multiple targeting, intelligence gathering capabilities.

Security Incidents & losses are on the rise, yet many organisations do not have plan in place to diagnose & handle a breach.

Advisory Services

Identify, Evaluate, Control risks to adopt to evolving regulations and ensure to compliance at every stage.

Risk Assessment helps in identifying, evaluating, controlling risks related to the organisation’s objectives.

Business Continuity Planning is the act of proactively working out a way to prevent, if possible, & manage the consequences of disaster, limiting it to the extent that a business can afford.

Meet IT Governance and assessment needs.

Our Services Providing reliable, one-stop solution for all your IT needs

Chip Level Servicing

Chip Level Repair at various service levels like L1, L2, L3 & L4. Out-of-warranty services for all brands of laptops, IT and AMC support

Security & Surveillance

Sales, Installation and Maintenance of an extensive range of Access Control systems, Biometric systems, PABX, Video doors, Bullet Cameras, CCTV Cameras, Consoles, Digital Video Recorders (DVR), IP Cameras, Matrix Switchers, Monitors, PTZ Cameras, Varifocal

IT Hardware Solutions

Sales, Service of all brands of Computers, Laptops, Printers, Scanners, accessories and all types of Genuine Softwares

Software Solutions

Retail, Supermarket, Apparels, Fast food, Restaurant management system(RMS), ERP, Digital Data Management System(DDMS) and Customized solutions.

Networking & IT Security

Sales, Installation and Maintenance of all networking and IT Security needs like Firewalls, Enterprises Mail Services, SSO, Storage, Backups, VPN, LAN